“In this triple slump of a recession, everyone is looking to economise where possible,and when you run your own business you can’t afford to cut corners, but cutting costs appealed to me. TCM introduced themselves to me with a quick phone call asking if I would like to save up to 20% on my fuel. Seemed too good to be true, but ever the optimist I arranged a meeting to find out more. Pete came to my office as arranged and was knowledgeable and confident. When I was satisfied that TCM could help me keep my hard earned money lining my pockets, not anyone else’s, I asked if the power of my van could also be improved as this was something else I was not happy with! Again it seemed too good to be true; however Pete reassured me he could make it a reality. After having it done, I can say TCM was true to their word. The service was fast, friendly and affordable. I did my homework on prices beforehand. I am astounded by the results TCM have achieved. Both fuel economy and increase in power is a must for any business, large or small. Thank you TCM, more business coming your way!”

Mr Erispe, Director of Chemex Southern Hampshire

“Although I was happy with my car, as every man wants I wanted more power from my car. I wasn’t too fussed about fuel economy, as I just wanted to feel the powerful response from the engine when my foot hit the pedal. I was recommended to TCM by a friend whose car had been Remapped already, and I was eager to see if my car could have the same type of power performance then his. Pete came out and worked his magic on my car and what a difference it has made! It drives like a brand new car, and not only do I now out do my friends car, but have found I am saving fuel. Don’t know how he did it but I am glad he did. Will see you again to have my DPF filter removed! Thanks Pete.”

Mr Patel, Emsworth, Portsmouth