What is remapping?

All modern cars use a computer system, either an ECU or a BSI Unit, This controls how the vehicle performs. They control everything from when your turbo kicks in to the tyre size and weight load settings and much more. They are held within files called maps inside the ECU.

We have software that allows us to change and modify these maps to optimize your vehicles performance. We change the settings inside these maps to optimize them for your specific vehicle. This process is called Re-mapping.

The whole process takes up to around 2 hours dependant on the ECU fitted within your car and there is no risk to your vehicle.

The only risk would be if something was to happen to the ECU during the process however this risk is minimal and can be easily fixed by reverting back to the original ECU settings.

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Why remap?

Remapping is by far the best software performance upgrade possible for your car, an older method used was called chipping. This method was replacing the main chip on the ECU with a modified one however this process was much more risky and would void any warrantee you may have with your car.

After re-mapping we are sure you will notice a huge difference in how your car performs. The software however is always being updated and you can later remap again for possible further performance enhancements, we are always working hard on pushing our software to its limits and finding new ways to improve how your car performs.

Car Manufacturers also use mapping to limit your performance in order to release newer or faster models of the same car, the only difference between these cars being the map in the ECU. This is so manufacturers can charge thousands of pounds for a faster car with better performance. What we do is unlock that power inside your car for a much more realistic price.