Do you own a Commercial Vehicle? EG Transit, Berlingo etc.

Do you have a fleet of vehicles on the road? Sale force cars, private hire etc.

Is the cost of fuel having an adverse effect on your business?

YES?……Read on!

Fuel prices have long been a controversial issue in the UK, with duty increases impacting consumers and businesses alike. For fleet operators, any rise in product cost or tax can have a significant effect on the bottom line, because fuel can account for as much as 40% of fleet running costs.

According to the AA, diesel fuel prices in the UK are the second highest in Europe, while petrol is the seventh highest.

Fuel Savings

Our customers are experiencing an average of 20% savings on their fuel costs – in many cases, this saving can reach 25%.


Below are the figures from a test carried out at MIRA .

Test Vehicle
2008 Ford Transit T 280 110ps
2.2 Duratorque TDCi 110ps Common Rail / Visteon ECM
500 KG net payload

56 MPH Test with Standard OEM Ford software:
Litres per mile used 0.1425 Miles per KG 8.68 Measures MPG 31.00

56 MPH Test with V Tune ECO software:
Litres per mile used 0.1143 Miles per KG 10.49 Measures MPG 38.75


An increase in fuel efficiency of 7.15 mpg (23%)!

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Speed Limiter

Another way to help with the never ending cost of running and maintaining your vehicles is to limit the maximum speed of the vehicle.


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