Why Choose T C M ?
TCM Tuning is not just “another tuning company”. We are backed by years of experience in both electronic & mechanical tuning and work with some of the biggest tuning houses across Europe to offer the very best results & service available in the world today. We give you the choice of the level of tune you want. Whether it is performance or economy tuning, we have the ability to meet your exact requirements.

Will remapping invalidate my vehicle’s warranty?

There are several ways to upload modified software to a vehicle’s ECU, but due to our investment in the latest tuning hardware we are able to reprogram 99% of the vehicles we cover via the vehicles OBD port (on board diagnostics) and as such leave no physical evidence of our work behind. All codes and diagnostics that a dealer may read through standard diagnostics will remain exactly the same. We say it with confidence because of the rigorous testing regime all files go through, and we even give a lifetime software warranty to you. However in the case of some pre year 2000 Vehicles or Bikes, Trucks, Agricultural & Marine applications it may be required that the ECU will need to be removed and reprogrammed direct. If this is the case for your vehicle we will inform you beforehand.

Can the process be reversed?

Of course, if for any reason you would like your vehicle to be returned to its original settings maybe when you’re ready to change vehicle, we can reverse the whole process and we will offer this service free of charge if you bring your vehicle to us. But in most cases the enhanced performance may help the sale of your vehicle. Should you lose your modified software due to dealer actions or parts failure your we will be happy to re-install the map onto your car free of charge for as long as you own the vehicle.

Should I tell my insurance company?

Whilst the upgrade is undetectable, we are a responsible company and the answer to this question has to be ‘yes’. Your insurance company should be notified. Some insurance companies do not penalise you for upgrades of this nature, particularly if you’re tuning for increased economy. Others make a small charge. We have been surveying our customers and so far have found that when premiums increase, it has often been a small amount, typically less than £30 – £20 of which is for admin for the immediate change, so following years will see an increase of under £10 on renewals.

What if I ignore the DPF warnings?

In addition to the above problems, it is possible you could damage your engine beyond repair if you ignore the DPF warnings. This is not meant to be a ‘scarer’ – just a statement of fact. Ignoring the DPF problem can create excessive back pressure into the engine resulting in oil contamination and dilution from fuel and exhaust. This can cause bearing failure and consequent need for a replacement or fully rebuilt engine. We know – because it has happened to some of our customers before they came to us. The last one was a Mercedes Vito requiring a new engine at a cost of over £7,500.00.

How the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) works

The DPF is designed to trap & remove diesel particulate matter or soot from the exhaust gasses of the diesel engine. As a DPF gets clogged the ECU will send instructions to the DPF to help it self-clean. The problem is that this is far from a reliable process and sometimes the DPF no longer reacts to the cleaning or regeneration cycles. Replacement DPFs are becoming increasingly necessary even in relatively new cars and, at £1,200 upwards, this can become an expensive and regular maintenance cost.

The DPF Removal Procedure

Although it is not possible to remove the DPF from all vehicles, for most it is a relatively straightforward process. The DPF cartridge has to be removed, and the ECU needs to be re-programmed to tell it that the cartridge has gone and that it should no longer monitor or report DPF activity. To remove the DPF cartridge we open the relevant section of your exhaust system, take out the cartridge and re-seal the exhaust system before remapping the ECU with the new DPF instructions. Alternatively we can fabricate a new section for the exhaust so your DPF could be refitted in the future if required.

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What should I consider for my DPF removal?

You only have the DPF removed once and its in your interest to have it done professionally. We take pride in our work and always ensure that every DPF Removal carried out is to the highest of standards. We offer a written warranty to back our work.

What effect will I notice after a DPF removal?

Because an exhaust flow bottleneck has been removed from your engine, it can breathe more easily. You will experience an overall increase in performance, improved MPG, better responsiveness and overall improvements in engine characteristics such as flexibility and pulling power.